The LMC brand was formed in 1976, specialising in glass installation services. Within 10 years, the company established itself in the market, securing significant contracts and developing a reputation for supplying very highly qualified installation technicians and site management staff.

High Quality Installation Labour

The roots of LMC lie in supplying high quality labour to contractors - the company has an envied reputation in this sector and has been leading the way in the UK for more than 20 years, working as a trusted partner to many of the UK's leading contractors.

In the area of product development, LMC Group has established a reputation for creating innovative solutions for the architectural and interior design market as well as taking every day materials such as glass and developing new and exciting applications and technologies. A recent example of this forwatd thinking attitude is Blink.

A revolutionary and new advertising medium, Blink is a clear glass that in a 'blink of an eye' can change to opaque making it an optimum medium to display visually arresting content. With the added option of touch screen technology, Blink takes product promotion into a whole new dimension at the cutting edge of innovation.

Our new website is now live. Click though to the web site for more information on thins intelligent glass for privacy and multimdeia display.

Another new development comes in the form of the recently launched Glass Aftercare service

Glass Aftercare offers comprehensive glass and door service and maintenance packages that are second to none. Our services include - For all automatic, manual and industrial doors, partitioning and any glass panel on any elevation or roof façade, covering Maintenance, Reactive servicing and breakdown cover, Restoration services, Replacement, Refurbishment and Installation.

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Case Studies

LMC Datasheet - The Quad Building, Derby City Centre Derby
LMC Datasheet - Gloucester Quays Gloucester
LMC Datasheet - Leicester City Centre Leicester
LMC Datasheet - Newham Council Newham

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